Please, Reconnect​.​.​.

by Sleep Dealer

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released March 8, 2017

Recorded live by John Houston
Mixed/mastered by Eric McNelis at Sleep Audio
Photos by Shane Stewart
Design by Alek Wiltbank



all rights reserved


Sleep Dealer St. George, Utah

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Track Name: M'aiq the Liar
And I'm sick of waking up
to find out
that everything that I've so carefully put together
has fallen apart at my feet,
and to hear that
these last few years
have been a living hell;
leaves me feeling powerless and weak at my knees.

When late last night
I got your call
telling me how sorry you were
well I couldn't but feel sorry too.

But even though you've lost all hope,
I want you to know
that I will be
that beacon at midnight guiding your sinking ship through stormy seas,
and if the waves pull you under and drag you in
I'll want you to know
that this storm is not the end.
Don't die on me.
Track Name: Clocktown Brewing Company
I can still remember
the day you cut your hair
you were smiling then.
You wore his ring on your finger
and your heart on your sleeve
the world was your oyster
and you, it's pearl.

It was sometime in the winter
when he left you in the cold
there were tears in your eyes
and a lump in your throat
you said: "I've patched up my old wounds
with promises of bright tomorrows
stitched tight with half-hearted hopes," and you'd sing.

But you'd say "there's no hope here anymore."

"But I don't want to let you know
that I'm not strong like I used to be
it's just this suffocating sadness, like a morbid infatuation, plays with my head and leaves me fucked."
"I'm ready to leave dear
and at times I can see it in your eyes that you are too
but this black cloud
was never meant for you."

You still dream
I can see it in your smile
your heart still screams
for you to push a little further.
Well don't lose hope
because the day is always blackest just before the dawn
dear, you have to hold on.

Please, just hold on.
Track Name: The World that Never Was (Ian's Song)
The airwaves danced to that old familiar tune,
Like silhouetted shadows in a dimly lit room.
And you were all dressed up in your Sunday best.
I wish I could have seen.

You lying there,
Resting calmly,
With perfectly made up hair.
But I'm learning to let go.

If every dog must have his day,
Then every color too must fade.
And every castle wash away,
Under the break of coming waves.

Sometimes when I sleep I'm back to those summer nights,
Taking about our five year plans and girls we used to like.
But winter came too soon, and you packed up a suitcase, and said it was time to go.
Said maybe you'd find home in Colorado.

So you left town,
Made a promise,
To make your mother proud.
Promised never to let go.

If every dog must have his day,
Then every color too must fade.
Ands every castle wash away,
Under the break of coming. waves.
And with what these tired words cannot portray,
You left behind a legacy.
A broken heart no longer forced to carry weight,
You slipped away,
On July 28th.

And like the way a flame engulfs a match,
The brightest of lights can never seem to last.
Between sterile white walls you sat under lock and key,
In room 228, surrounded by family.
Track Name: The Great Hollow
Forgive, for I know I've let you down, I know I should have stayed.
But I could just never seem to clear up my head enough to see how much you were in pain.
I spend every night alone these days because I'm just not sure how to feel.
I guess when you left, you took a part of me with you.

Well dear, I wish you could see the man that I'm becoming.
I've finally taken the needle out of my vein.
And although I'm finally on my way to cleaning up my act,
these times don't change, I'm still a fucking wreck.

So here's to your memory,
I hope your finally at peace,
because this brutal fucking world
was never meant for you.
And if it's true
you've really got your angel wings,
I hope, I pray that one day
you can visit me in hell?

I miss you.